Program 2020

Films are not rated and are all subtitled in English. Films do not reflect views or opinions of the organizers and may include mature themes.
The organizers reserve the right to change the program without notice.

1. Click on the Tickets & find out more.

2. Click on the Buy a Ticket/Watch for Free red button.

3. Click on the Rent Here button below the red bar.

4. Michigan Theater members: log in with your membership number.
    Michigan Theater non-members: click on No and create a free Agile account.

5. Select ticket quantity and proceed to checkout.

6. Click Checkout and consider making an optional donation.

7. Enter payment information.

8. Click the check box to agree to Terms and Conditions at the bottom, and click on the Make Payment.

9. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to watch your film.

10. You have 48 hr (24 hr for short films) to watch your film. You can access it from your account or on the film’s purchase page by clicking on the Already purchased? Click Here to Watch button.

To watch films free of charge (documentaries, short films and interviews), go through the same steps except there will be no payment.


For technical support please email
For questions about the program you can contact us via Chat with us on our website. 


NOVEMBER 6, 7 pm

Available only when streaming in the U.S.


Available only when streaming in the State of Michigan.


Available when streaming in the U.S. 


Available when streaming in the U.S. 


Available when streaming in the U.S.