Screening Room 1


10:00 am

Przed zmierzchem/Before Dusk dir. Łukasz Nowak, short narrative film, 2023, 24 min.

Lazy holidays. Janek wanders around his native town, a famous resort, with a pack of his closest friends. One day, his attention is drawn to a beautiful vacationer. Their short acquaintance reveals Janek’s trauma.

10:30 am
Kto Ci będzie okna mył?/Who Will Clean Your Windows? dir. Dariusz Janiczak, documentary, 2022, 43 min.

The last year of school is a very difficult time for Darek, a 24-year-old student with intellectual disabilities. He leaves the place where he spent more than 10 years and must start all over again. During this trying time, he can count on his friend from school, Daniel, to help him cope with this new challenge. Together they reflect on passing and loss, and Darek records on his camera what is important to him. Each of them, in their own way, must cope with what they do not fully understand and what they will face. 


11:15 am

11:30 am
Głos/The Voice dir. Dominika Montean-Pańków, documentary, 2022, 73 min.


14 men, age 19 to 35, enter the novitiate of the Society of Jesus to check their vocation and become or not the future Jesuits. Within two years, they have to make a decision for life: either stay in the order and take vows or leave.


Screening Room 1

2:30 pm
Filip/Filip dir. Michał Kwieciński, drama, 2022, 125 min.

Polish war drama based on the semi-biographical novel by Leopold Tyrmand. In 1943, Filip, a young Polish Jew, escapes from the Warsaw Ghetto. Disguised as a French gentile, Filip works as a waiter in an exclusive hotel restaurant in Frankfurt and enjoys all the charms of life surrounded by luxury, beautiful women, and friends from all over Europe.