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 Fri 11/06 7 pm – Sun 11/08 7 pm

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Dom literatów czyli kartoteka zebrana
House od Writers

The legendary Writers’ House at Krupnicza Street in Kraków was a unique place on an international scale. After the war it became a foothold for homeless authors. From 1945 to 1996 over 100 of them lived there, including Szymborska, Kisielewski, Mrożek, Różewicz and Gałczyński. Nowadays, Jerzy Kisielewski and Jan Polewka, both sons of eminent lodgers, meet there to remember anecdotes from the “House of Bards” and reminisce about the unforgettable atmosphere of the place and its transfromative nature as reflected in the stage directions for The Card Index by Tadeusz Różewicz.